Complaints Handling


This document outlines the procedures to be followed when handling complaints about policies, advertising and content in both radio (Hope FM) and television (Hope TV) broadcast.


The purpose of this document is to give context and direction for the handling of complaints in respect of broadcast content including:

  • The fair and reasonable investigation of complaints;
  • The decision-making process; and
  • • The resolution of matters raised in the complaint

More specifically, these procedures provide that the station shall:

  • Recognize, promote and protect viewer’s right to comment and/or to complain about broadcasting content;
  • Provide an efficient, fair and accessible procedure for making decision for viewer’s complaints

The Station’s Broadcasting Complaints Handling Procedure

1. Making a Complaint to the station

A complaint shall be made to the station (Hope FM and HOPE TV) in a manner hereinafter stated:

2. Submission of Complaints

Any person may make a complaint to the station about broadcasting content

  • In person by visiting HOPE MEDIA office between the hours of 8 am and 5pm. Monday to Friday (except public holidays);
  • In writing by letter to the station submitted via post, or email to:
    Post: P.O Box 42254-00100 Nairobi, Kenya

    for Hope FM and Hope TV respectively.
    Social media: twitter @hopeonair and @hopetvkenya
    Facebook Page: hopefm or hopetvkenya
  • By telephoning the station at +254 727 766 932 between working hours or/and sending a short message to SMS CODE 20933 or 22232 for Radio and TV respectively.

3. Content of Complaint

A person making the complaint in any manner prescribed in sub-section 2.1.1 shall, at a minimum, supply the following particulars to which their complaint refers:

  • The name of the programme and/or presenter;
  • The date of the broadcast;
  • The station of the broadcast (HOPE TV or HOPE FM);
  • The approximate time the offending material was broadcast; and
  • A short but detailed summery of the statement or material that is the subject of the complaint.

The complainant also need to explain which broadcasting standard he/she think has been breached, and why. If we are unable to identify the programme from the information provided, we might not be able to act.

4.Time for Submission of complaint

4.1 A complaint shall be made as soon as possible after the programme was broadcast

According to CAK, a broadcaster is required to keep recordings of broadcast material for a minimum period of one year (12) months after the date on which such material was broadcast. Complaints should note, therefore, that a complaint made more than 12 months after the date of the broadcast in question, may result in the inability of the station to properly investigate and to resolve the matter as content may no longer be available.

Where the complaint provides his/her name and contact details, the Station Manager shall acknowledge receipt of a complaint within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of the complaint.

The Head of Media shall then determine the relevant office to handle the complaint.

Complaints arising from broadcast content and technical related issues shall be handled by Programs Controller and Technical Manager respectively while Head of Media/Station Manger shall handle any complaint relating to policies.

5. Matters suitable for complaint

All complaints should relate to matters referred to in the Programming Code or any other law governing broadcasting industry.

5.1 The station may decide not to investigate a complaint:
  • That does not relate to the matters referred to in the programming code; or
  • That is deemed frivolous or vexatious; or
  • Which has been submitted late, i.e. after a reasonable period of time has elapsed, in accordance with sub-section 4.1 of this document.

If the station has decided not to investigate a complaint under sub-section 5.1 above, provided that the complaint has submitted his name and contact details, the station manager shall inform the complainant of its decision, giving reasons, within fourteen (14) days after the decision was made.

6. Decision of the Station

If a complaint has been formally resolved by the office in charge, the station manager will inform the complainant within 45 days from the date the complaint was lodged

If not satisfied with the answer the complainant may:

  • In writing seek audience with the Head of Media;
  • Decide to go further with complaint and appeal to the CAK or Appeals Tribunal as per the Kenya Communication (Amendments) Act No.1 of 2009 and The Kenya Communications (Broadcasting) Regulations 2009 within 7 days from the date of the decision.

After end of every financial year we shall submit a written report to CAK of all complaints received during the period and the manner in which they were addressed.